- Vince Lombardi
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Recruitment Strategy

In order to provide the most effective possible service, Olidan Search Partners Inc. requires that our clients spend a sufficient amount of time with our consultants supplying vital information on your company and vacancy. We will need your assistance in determining not only the key technical parameters of the role but also what type of personality will fit best. We would also like to know what makes your company successful today as well as what your longer term plans are. This information will form the key basis of our search strategy.

Candidates will then be located through a variety of channels, among them, advertisement, personal or professional referrals, our reserve of applicants and results of previous searches. Quite often, we will source and create a list of candidates in other organizations that may be possible candidates, and an experienced consultant will actively recruit those candidates for potential inclusion on our short list.

All possible candidates are carefully selected, based not only on their capability to successfully perform the role, but equally on their desire to join your team. All potential candidates will be interviewed and their suitability matched against others in the candidate pool. References will then be collected on the final 5 or 6 candidates which will form our short list. Finally, the project consultant will present the final 3 or 4 candidates that best match all the search criteria and meeting times will be arranged.

Throughout this process, the consultant acts as an intermediary, keeping the client informed at all stages in the recruitment process. Once a final candidate is selected, we will work closely with both the client and candidate to work out a mutually fair offer that Olidan Search Partners Inc. can in turn present to the candidate for acceptance. We will then coach the candidate through their resignation process to ensure that a counter offer is not accepted.